Let's Get Ready to Run

With the exceptions of binging a show or eating a pizza, the act of getting started can be the hardest part of most things in life—running included.

After many pre-run scrambles, we’ve finally got the start of our running routines down to an art. And by art, we mean a comprehensive checklist. Keep reading for a quick pre-run routine aimed at helping women be their best, most prepared selves out on the trails.

Step 1: Gear Up

  • We start by gearing up in our favorite running apparel

  • If you’re going on an early morning run, laying your clothes out the night before is key for avoiding the half-asleep, where-did-I-put-those-shorts scavenger hunt.

  • Give your skin some TLC in the form of SPF before stepping outside. And for longer runs, we are big fans of using body glide. See ya, chub rub!

Step 2: Get Charged 

  • Make sure your phone, running watch, and headphones are charged and ready to roll (bonus points for downloading a good playlist or podcast).

Step 3: Focus on Fuel 

  • We are big believers in fueling our bodies before every run—even if it’s just something small. Middle Trail founders Kayla and Genny usually opt for a combination of carbs and protein. (Think a blueberry waffle with sunflower seed butter, or a banana with peanut butter.)

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water and electrolytes before your run…but also during your run…aaand after your run, too. Basically, hydration is huge.

Step 4: Plan it Out

  • Changing up your route is a great way to keep things interesting, but it’s also important to know where you’ll be going before you get going. That’s why we suggest mapping out your run ahead of time. 

  • Once your route is planned, it’s a good idea to share the details with friends or family. We like to use the iPhone “Find My Friends” feature as an extra safety measure before heading out.

Step 5: Warm Up

  • And for the final stretch of your run prep…stretching! Here are some dynamic warmups we use to start moving and grooving before hitting the trail (be sure to follow @middletrailrunning to see our warm-up series!):
    • High kicks
    • Hip openers
    • Hip closers
    • Walking calf raises
    • Heel walks
    • Shuffle
    • Arm circles and swings
    • Hurdler stretch
    • Hamstring scoop stretch

Step 6: Head Out 

  • Only one thing left to do: Get out there! Lace up those shoes, pump up those tunes, and do your thing—you got this.

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