Better Together: 5 Reasons To Run With A Crowd

As runners, we all have different journeys—but that doesn’t mean they have to be separate. Here are five reasons why we here at Middle Trail love racking up miles with a running buddy or two (or ten!).

  1. Group Support for Individual Goals

Even when you’re running for yourself, we believe running together is better. It’s easier to push yourself further when you know there are people around to cheer you on—and help you out. That’s why we like running with people who understand our goals, care about our successes, and encourage us to reach new running heights.

  1. FOMO Motivation

Training with a team is a great motivator to get up and get going, even when it feels hard. (And, as runners, we know just how hard it can feel.) Sometimes, just the knowledge that other people are expecting you is enough to hold you accountable—especially if those people are fun to be around. No one likes to miss out on a good time! 
  1. One of Us! One of Us!

Whatever the group, finding a sense of belonging makes us feel warm and fuzzy. And when you’re brought together over a shared passion? Those bonds are real. Running with a community of people who love the sport—for all its highs, lows, and in-betweens—can be incredibly inspiring. And as women, we’re especially grateful for the sense of safety a running community can provide.
  1. Share the Love (and the Lessons)

Running comes with its share of challenges (understatement, we know), but it also comes with a lot of lessons learned over time. A great perk of joining a run club is creating a shared wealth of knowledge about all things running—from the most palatable energy gels, to headbands that actually stay put, to routes with the most wow-worthy views, to training plans that truly work. When you’re out on the trail, runner-to-runner advice is as good as gold.
  1. Running Friends = Fun Running 

Long runs can feel, well, long. But bringing a social element to the activity can help running feel less like work and more like play. Whether you pass the time chatting about life or silently sharing a pace, being in it together makes each mile a little easier. Plus, our favorite post-run ritual (i.e. laying on the kitchen floor with a snack) just feels sweeter when we’re not laying there alone.

Feeling inspired to run with a crowd? If you live in Boston or Buffalo, we’ve got you covered! Sign up here to learn more.

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