At-Home Strength Series

Strength training is so important for women runners because it helps prevent injuries, enhance performance, promote better posture and running form, and makes us stronger, more efficient runners. With this at-home strength series, our goal is to empower women to seamlessly incorporate simple yet effective strength training exercises into their running routines. These exercises require minimal equipment and can be performed in the comfort of your home.

Core Strength

In this video, we partner with Awaken Performance Rehab of Buffalo, NY to demonstrate four at-home core strength training exercises designed to help women improve their running performance and decrease their risk of injury. These four exercises target key core, glute and hip muscles to improve our running posture and form, to help prevent our knees from caving inwards or outwards when we run, and to better train our core, arms and legs to work together to maintain coordination and stability throughout our run. Include these strength training exercises in your weekly running routine to help make you a stronger runner!

These strength training exercises are designed to be part of a circuit, and require minimal to no equipment. Complete 2 circuits of 10 reps per exercise. To take these exercises to the next level, add a TheraBand as instructed for more of a challenge. This at-home core strength program includes the following exercises:

  1. Plank with Leg Lift (10 reps each leg)
  2. Side Plank Clam Shell (10 reps each side)
  3. Copenhagen Side Plank (10 reps each side)
  4. Dead Bug (10 reps each leg)

At-Home Core Strength

Incorporate these four at-home core strength training exercises into your weekly running routine.

At-Home Core Strength

Incorporate these four at-home core strength training exercises into your weekly running routine.

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Awaken Performance Rehab

Running, Sport and Spine Physical Therapy Specialist of Buffalo, NY

Led by Dr. Gregory Lowe, Awaken Performance Rehab helps athletes and active adults get out of pain, recover from injury, and AWAKEN their athletic and every day potential! They offer a range of services, including orthopedic and sports physical therapy, strength and conditioning, run gait analysis, and run coaching.

The written information and visual demonstrations provided in these resources are meant to offer generalized advice for the women's running community and is not a substitute for individualized medical and training guidance. Please contact Dr. Greg directly at Awaken Performance Rehab to discuss individualized rehab, strength training, and/or running coaching plans. Please make sure that you are cleared by your general physician before starting any new fitness program.