Unveiling the Unsung Heroes: The Not-So-Glamorous Must-Haves for Women Runners

Ladies, lace up those running shoes and get ready to dive into the not-so-glamorous side of running– yes, we mean chafing, emergency bathroom breaks, and itchy, burning feet. As women runners, we’ve all experienced this uncomfortable side of running. And sure, it is way more fun to talk about our favorite trendy activewear and cool runner tech, but these “unmentionables” are just as important to discuss to ensure we keep smiling mile after mile. In this blog, we're spilling the beans on the must-haves that make all the difference between a run being unbearably uncomfortable and a run being the best part of our day. 

Anti-Chafing Wonders: Glide, Glide, Glide!

Raise your hand if you also fear the dreaded thigh chub rub or the brush burn that forms on the bottom of your bra line from running. As women, the battle against chafing is SO real. Even with the best quality moisture-wicking shorts, running pants, or sports bras on, sometimes you just can’t escape this seriously uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) side of running. Thankfully, we have Body Glide (they tote themselves as “the Original Anti Chafe body stick”). Apply this magical balm to areas prone to friction, and voila! No more uncomfortable rubs or awkward post-run wincing (or, what might be the worst part, the post-run shower yelps). We honestly don’t go out for a run without this! For those who are looking for a lower price point alternative, Vaseline also works wonders. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline in those sensitive areas, and you should be good to go! Pro tip, if you are running a race and start developing a pesky hot spot, check out the med tents along the course. They often have Vaseline to save the day! 

Emergency TP: Because Nature Calls at the Most Inconvenient Times

Let's face it – when nature calls during a run, it is almost always unpredictable and inconvenient. 9 times out of 10 there is no restroom or porta potty in sight, and you are left waddling down the trail trying your best to not have a Bridesmaids moment (iykyk). That's where the humble roll of toilet paper stuffed into your pocket or running belt becomes your new best friend. If you don’t want to just shove a wad of TP in your pocket (especially after you use it…), you can even buy portable rolls of toilet paper, which are small and unobtrusive during your run and come in a little pouch to make the journey home a bit more pleasant. Don't underestimate the power of being prepared for unexpected pit stops. You will be so relieved that you have this when you find yourself in a porta potty that ran out of TP or when you are hidden in the bushes because there is no bathroom in sight. After all, in the wild world of running, it's not just about breaking personal records but breaking free from the unexpected toilet paper shortage dramas! Happy trails, and may your TP stash be ever plentiful!

Athlete's Foot Cream/Spray: Happy Feet, Happy Run

Ah - the dreaded Athlete’s Foot. It’s that annoying, often painful, itch or sting that comes from a gross scaly rash on one’s foot. To make matters worse, it almost always causes us to hold off on our scheduled pedicure because obviously there's no way we can make someone get close to our feet when we have that situation going on😣. In all seriousness though, while Athlete's Foot can be nasty and painful, there are some over-the-counter solutions that can help! Arm yourself with Athlete's Foot cream or spray. Applying this magical treatment helps cool/soothe the problem area and relieves the stinging and itchiness (queue instant sigh of relief). We typically prefer the spray because we find it much easier to apply.

Also, some advice - after your run, if you are feeling the stinging or itchiness, make sure to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly before applying the cream or spray. Then, let your feet feel the breeze and air them out for a while after applying. Another pro-tip, if your whole foot becomes submerged in a giant puddle or you are sloshing through snow or wet conditions on a run, we also highly recommend applying the spray or cream as a preventative measure. While this is certainly an unglamorous task, it is important to keep those feet happy and not irritated. Remember, happy feet = happy run! Plus, you can proceed with your scheduled pedicure 👏

So, there you have it – the not-so-glamorous must-haves that every woman runner needs in her arsenal. From anti-chafing wonders to emergency TP to Athlete’s Foot cream or spray, these unsung heroes may not steal the spotlight, but they sure know how to keep us running strong, happy, and ready for whatever the run throws our way. So, next time you hit the pavement, don't forget to pack these fun and functional essentials – your future runs will thank you for it! Happy running 😀

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