Stepping into some of Middle Trail’s Favorite Running Shoes

Running shoes can truly make or break a run. However, finding the perfect running shoe, just like dating, can be tricky - it takes time to find your perfect match! We recommend going to a running shoe store, getting sized and measured by a professional, and testing out different pairs of shoes to find your best fit. To help you in your search, we asked some Middle Trail runners to tell us about their favorite running shoe. Hopefully their feedback can help guide you in your quest for your next, perfectly fitted pair of running shoes!



Her Favorite: Asics GT-2000
Price Point: Around $140
Quick Description: Erin's choice for the last decade - these shoes are durable, good for wider feet, and offer great stability.
Why are they her favorite? Erin has run in these shoes faithfully for over 10 years. Asics describes them as a “smooth and energetic stability trainer suitable for various distances”. Specifically designed for long distance running and overpronation, Erin values their exceptional versatility, durability, and stability. 
First and foremost, Erin needs durable shoes for the multiple half and full marathons she trains for in a year. These shoes are durable enough to endure all of her long-distance runs and the many months of her marathon preparation. In terms of cushioning, although Asics notes these shoes offer a “medium cushioning” on their scale, Erin finds that the underfoot cushioning provides excellent comfort and softer landings. And, despite their slightly heavier weight, they maintain impressive responsiveness and energetic rebound. Erin will continue to turn to these reliable, workhorse kicks for her future half and full marathon training endeavors! For further details on the shoe's technology and features, visit the Asics website.


Her Favorites: 
Everyday Trainer and Races: Asics Gel-Cumulus 25
Price Point: Around $140
Quick Description: Kayla's everyday trainer - these shoes offer excellent support for high arches, are durable, and provide extra impact cushioning for those who suffer from shin injuries.
Why are they her favorite? These shoes became Kayla's choice for daily training and running after a foot analysis session at Fleet Feet. With Asics’ patented PureGEL® and FF BLAST™ technologies, these shoes combine a softer landing with a more energized ride. The remarkable cushioning effectively absorbs impact, providing relief for Kayla’s chronic compartment syndrome and shielding her from dreaded shin splints. 
The features of these shoes don’t stop there - they also offer ample support tailored for high arches and underpronation. Considered a neutral, everyday trainer, these shoes are versatile and perform well for workouts of varying distances, making them a great choice for Kayla’s half and full marathon training programs. For further details on the shoe's technology and features, visit the Asics website.

Speed Trainer: Brooks Launch 10 
Price Point: Around $110
Quick Description: Kayla's preferred speed trainer - lightweight, breathable, perfect for quick transitions in speed workouts.

Why are they her favorite? A lightweight and speedy ride, these shoes are perfect for Kayla’s speed training runs. They feature a few different Brooks’ patented technologies to help enhance her performance during speed workouts. The Guiderail technology keeps her foot in check and prevents extra foot movement so she can remain in her natural stride throughout each sprint. Plus, these shoes combine responsive cushioning with a rubber outsole pattern to encourage quick heel to toe transitions, optimizing performance during speed sessions. Although Kayla would not recommend wearing these shoes as an everyday trainer, they work really well for her shorter tempo and speed workouts. For further details on the shoe’s technology and features, visit the Brooks website.


Her Favorite: Brooks Glycerin 
Price Point: Around $160
Quick Description: Genny's go-to trainer - these shoes provide top-notch cushioning, support, and stability for all of her miles.
Why are they her favorite? Genny has been wearing these for over 10 years. Now on Glycerin version number 21, Brooks continues to optimize this shoe year after year. For Genny, these are the perfect shoes for the everyday runner and road running. It is true that these shoes are not necessarily designed for speed, but they are lightweight and aim to deliver comfort and support on her runs. Brooks likes to call it “supreme softness” so that “running feels like floating”. The heel is nitrogen infused which helps make it more lightweight, responsive and durable. 
While the no-frills designs won’t necessarily turn heads, the fabric is extremely breathable. Plus, the Glycerin shoes come in both regular and wide widths so you can find the perfect fit based on your foot size. Also, fun fact, in the 10 years Genny has worn these shoes, she has never once gotten a blister, even when she has taken them out for their first spin fresh out of the box. For further details on the shoe’s technology and features, visit the Brooks website.

Jackie G.

Her Favorite: Hoka Bondi
Price Point: Around $165
Quick Description: Jackie G's favorite for daily walking and running - with shock-absorbing support, cushioned comfort and fun designs, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear.
Why are they her favorite? Jackie G is on her 10th pair of Hoka Bondi running shoes. Labeled as best for “every day run, walk, or comfort” on Hoka’s website, these shoes are designed to provide best-in-class comfort. With a pillow-like (or as Hoka says on their website “plush”) cushion, the Hoka Bondi’s have a nice bounce to them and are both shock-absorbing and simultaneously stabilizing.
Prior to wearing these shoes, Jackie G. had 2 episodes of plantar fasciitis, which no runner wants! Since opting for this light-weight, well supported shoe, she has been injury free. Plus, the Hoka Bondi comes in both regular and wide size options so you can find your perfect fit. For Jackie G., the Hoka Bondi shoes support her recreational running and training for 5k and 8k events. With the added benefit of fun color combinations, she will remain a Hoka Bondi customer for her continued running adventures. For further details on the shoe’s technology and features, visit the Hoka website.

Jackie W.

Her Favorite: Nike Pegasus Zooms
Price Point: Around $130
Quick Description: Jackie's tried and true - these shoes provide great knee support, foot stability and come in awesome designs.
Why are they her favorite? Jackie has worn these shoes through multiple marathons and ultra-marathons. Designed for everyday runs, these shoes have responsive cushioning which provide a soft yet springy ride. While these shoes are extremely lightweight, Jackie finds they provide her the much-needed knee support that she is looking for. She also finds the mesh lining extremely breathable, and durable enough to keep her foot stable, even on her longest runs. Jackie doesn’t plan to deviate from these any time soon, and they will remain her tried and true running shoe! For further details on the shoe’s technology and features, visit the Nike website.


The quest for the perfect running shoe is not merely about fashion or brand loyalty; it's about optimizing your performance, preventing injuries, and enhancing your overall comfort while running. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it, but finding that perfect fit requires diligence, patience, and perhaps a bit of trial and error. So, use some of Middle Trail runners’ recommendations above and embark on your journey to find the running shoe that will carry you through countless miles with comfort, support, and a spring in your step!
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