Embracing the Chill: 4 Reasons Why We Love Winter Running

As the snow starts to fall and the temperatures begin to dip, many runners find themselves facing a common dilemma: to hibernate or to hit the snowy trails? While opting for cozy blankets and hot cocoa can be a hard temptation to fight, at Middle Trail, we have a few reasons that help motivate us to lace up our shoes and brave the outdoors, even on the chilliest of days. Keep reading to explore the reasons we love winter running!

Running With No Expectations 

When it comes to winter running, our mindset at Middle Trail is that it’s all about getting out there. When the roads are icy and the snow begins to hit your face, there are no expectations to achieve PRs or run your furthest distance—winter running is just about doing what you can do and counting your effort as a win. Whether you run for 5 minutes, walk for 20, or manage to finish your full run without wiping out, kudos to you for getting out there despite the challenging weather conditions. For us, that kind of against-all-odds accomplishment is the best, most satisfying feeling. 

A Peaceful Escape with Much Needed Fresh Air

Picture this: A winter wonderland where the trails are blanketed in snow, light snowflakes are falling slowly from the sky, and you hear the soft crunching of the snow under your feet. What could be more serene than that? We find that winter running provides a peacefulness, and, dare we say, offers almost a meditative escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The hushed quietness combined with the beauty of snow-covered surroundings allows you to see your typical running route in an entirely new way. And in the colder months when we often find ourselves confined indoors, winter running gives us a great reason to escape the tedium of being inside. It becomes a breath of fresh air—quite literally!

Let’s Get to Layering!

We’re all about winter running attire—where fashion and functionality collide. The joy of layering up in cozy, comfortable gear topped off with a stylish beanie and gloves makes braving the snowy trails much more fun. A few of our favorite winter running apparel and accessories are: 

  1. MTRC Northeast Classic Quarter Zip: (Small sales pitch from our team) We designed this quarter zip to work well for all seasons. For winter running, it’s a perfect layering piece. It can easily fit over layers and under winter running jackets. Its stand collar allows you to zip all the way up and keep your neck warm on even the coldest of runs. Our favorite feature is the built-in gloves which are integrated into the sleeves in case you forget to bring your running gloves with you. 
  2. Craft Running Gloves (learn more by clicking): These are our go-to winter gloves for a few reasons, including a tuck away mitten feature that allows you to quickly adapt to changing temperatures. Our favorite style of these gloves is the version with reflective fabric so you can be seen even on those super dark winter nights.
  3. Trailheads Running Headband (learn more by clicking): This is a great winter running headband! It features an integrated loop in the back designed especially for ponytails. Plus, it offers the ideal combo of insulation and moisture wicking with a fleece polyester fabric. We also love that it comes in tons of colors, so it’s easy to find ones that match your favorite winter running ‘fits. 

Quick Pro Tip: Snowy trails can be a challenge, especially when icy. We highly recommend picking up some ice cleats like these, which are easily attachable to your running shoes. These nifty accessories provide traction, helping to keep you on your feet and preventing slips during your winter runs.

Earning Winter Running Warrior Bragging Rights 

Finally, but possibly our favorite reason for winter running, are the bragging rights that come with it. There is a unique satisfaction in being able to answer the question “You ran outside today?!” (asked in a confused, surprised, amazed tone) with a big, resounding “YES”. While others may question our sanity, the ability to proudly declare that we layered up, faced the elements, and conquered the conditions truly becomes a badge of honor. You are officially a Winter Running Warrior! 

For us, winter running is more than just a workout—it's about getting out there, finding a peaceful escape, rocking some awesome layers, and earning those bragging rights. So lace up those running shoes, layer up with your favorite winter gear, and hit the snowy trails.❄️🏃‍♀️ #WinterRunningWarrior #WinterRunning 

Looking for some winter running buddies this year? Join MTRC Buffalo or MTRC Boston Run Clubs for weekly meetups throughout the winter (weather contingent). To find out more, follow us on Instagram.
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